About Us

About Us

Hello Beautiful !! ❤️

Thank You for visiting "Melia's Design" your presences is greatly appreciated.

My name is Melissa I am the owner and founder of Melia's Design! - I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and give you some insight on what you should expect shopping with us.

Why I Started This Business❤️

    • First -I love fashion and beauty.  I have always wanted to do something to connect my passion to a goal that would bring out the uniqueness in anyone that took time to visit my site.

    • Second - With 8 years of makeup-artistry and designing experience, I wanted to bring out different taste in different ways because we were born to be Bold, Fierce, and Fearless.                 

    • Third- I have always wanted to travel the world because of all of the different beauty within it. My goal is to have Melia's Design, bring you a feeling of excitement to allow you to step out into something amazing and into Loving The Skin You're In !!

      The Outfits❤️

      All outfit are carefully researched to ensure the best fit possible. I am a women that knows what it feels like to want to have that "Perfect" outfit. So I will ensure you that each item will bring out the Sexiest and Baddest you.

      Makeup and Beauty❤️

      Our selections are well thought out from experience in the field of makeup artistry. Each item will restore and build your natural glow. And with each color you will be able to bring out the “Queen” within you.    

      Why Should You Shop at Melia's Design❤️

      Melia's Design Fashion & Makeup Boutique, is a site where you can shop with ease knowing that I have had my own experiences of going on websites trying to find the perfect outfit. But the problem is they don’t cater to thick women or you can’t really see yourself wearing the outfits that are available for you. So Shopping with Melia’s Design will gave you the personal touch you have been looking for.  

      My Goal -  Melia’s Design will bring a experience that is unforgettable. The moment you enter this website you will feel like a valued customer. Your satisfaction is my top priority I want your entire Melia's Design experience to be nothing shy of spectacular. I look forward to having you as a loyal customer with a lasting relationship.

      Let’s Connect:

      Instagram: @MELIADESIGN7